Why use social media?

According to USA Today, companies are beginning to transfer many marketing functions from traditional media to social media. Social technologies may even eclipse traditional methods in the near future, and virtually all industry sectors are affected by this revolution. So what is a social media network, and how can you as a business owner make the most of it?

The problem with “real world” social networks is that most of the connections between people are hidden. A customer of your business probably has friends who could also be a customer of yours. But how do you reach out to those people? The traditional way is to hope that a brochure or a web site address is passed to them. Or you could saturate a market with advertising in the hope of picking up a few customers from your target market; but this is costly and inefficient.

A modern, technological social networking solution however enables the customer to instantaneously share their experience. Everyone in the customer’s network can see comments, pictures, links and videos he posted concerning his experience of your business. Your firm can use this fact to assist, inform and convince people to choose you over other companies.

Furthermore, you can see how people are describing and rating your business using social media. You can use that knowledge to create social media groups and pages, as well as a blog that will help you attract people who are interested in your company’s products or services. You can stimulate discussion by adding content, news, advice and help for people who are looking and commenting. All these activities help to generate a “buzz” around your company, and drive traffic to your web site.

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